Accidentally sent BCH to BTC address Coinbase

Closed 1 year ago. I've accidentally sent BCH from Coinbase to a BTC address of Block chain. Both accounts belong to me. Is there any way to recover it? Please help me. blockchain coinbase.com cross-chain-recovery. Share. Improve this question What I did was, log into my CB account and checked what BTC address I sent the BCH to accidentally. I then loaded up my BTC Ethereum wallet, went to my Addresses tab, found the address I sent the BCH to accidentally, and then exported the Private Key and clicked the QR code button to display the QR code. I then downloaded a BCH client on my phone (I used Electron-Cash) and went to Import Private Key, and scanned the QR code Likewise, if Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is sent to your Coinbase Bitcoin (BTC) address, we will be unable to recover your Bitcoin Cash (BCH). You must use caution when sending BTC and BCH, and make sure that you are sending them to compatible addresses. If you made a send from Coinbase and mixed up BTC and BCH, you may be able to recover those funds, but we will not be able to assist with this. Please see our Bitcoin Cash FAQ. We're sorry if this caused any trouble Please be careful with the address you use when you send/receive any cryptocurrency. Especially, with Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC). Unlike Ether (ETH) and Ripple (XRP), these 3 cryptocurrencies, use the same address format. Ether (ETH) and ERC 20 Tokens all have same address format. Unfortunat

Accidentally sent BCH instead of BTC to a BTC address

Bitsonline editor Jon Southurst witnessed this first hand when testing a BCC wallet out with an acquaintance, who wished to remain unnamed in this article. Jon sent a BCC payment to his friend, who had unknowingly given him a BTC address. Jon's friend was using Bitcoin.com's mobile app, which toggles between BTC and BCC wallets No, the public BTC address should not be used an account number. Instead consider it as a payment tracking number. Will you be using a single tracking number for all your payments? No, right. This is why most of the online wallets such as Coinbase and blockchain.com automatically generates a new address for every new transaction Dear people who accidentally sent BCH to BTCwallet. Do not warry about it, you can get it back! Takebreath! I will tell you how to recover it by Electron Cash. Last time, I wrote an article for those who accidentally sent it to bitcoin.com wallet. Here it is. This time I would like to introduce you the solution for t

If you accidentally sent your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to a Bitcoin (BTC) legacy address (Non-SegWit), you can try a recover. Remember: Bitcoin addresses that start with a 1 are legacy Non-Segwit addresses and Bitcoin addresses that start with a 3 are Segwit addresses If you have sent BCH to an external address that was used only for BTC, you will need to obtain the private keys for that address and import them into a BCH wallet in order to access the funds stored there. Coinbase does not support the importing of private keys BCH sent to wrong BTC address in Bitpay by accident. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV.

Accidentally purchased BCH and sent to BTC wallet : CoinBas

  1. As title says, I transferred BCH (BitCoin Cash) from my Coinbase account to the BTC (Bitcoin) address of mycelium on my Android phone. The transaction is no longer pending (2h ago and 9 confirmations later) but the funds obviously not visible in BTC address
  2. We do not guarantee successful recovery and can only attempt to perform cross-chain recoveries for the following cross-chain pairs: BTC to BCH addresses. BCH to BTC addresses. Certain ERC20 tokens sent to ETH addresses. ETH sent via internal networks of sending platforms are not supported by our platform
  3. If you send BCH to your BTC address, but very thorough. I need help with this problem though. I accidentally sent BCH to BTC and need it recovered. Can If you have Bitcoin Cash, you can't send it to a Bitcoin Core wallet. If you'd like to own BTC, I recommend sending your BCH to an exchange like Coinbase where you can.
  4. Pulling The Derived Address. Now, go ahead scroll down to the Derived Addresses section, and find the address where your LTC was sent to. Copy the path. Getting Closer. Change the coin to LTC, and go to the BIP32 tab. Select Custom derivation path, and paste your path that you copied in the last step
  5. Software Architecture & MySQL Projects for $30 - $250. I need someone who can help me retrieve my BTC. I accidentally sent BTC from Coinbase to my Jaxx BCH wallet. I have the private key for the recipient Jaxx wallet..
  6. There are many reports of users who accidentally sent their Bitcoin (BTC) to Bitcoin cash (BCH) address or Bitcoin cash to BTC address. Now this is no longer an issue as Bitcoin cash changed their address format to CashAddr that looks different from the Bitcoin address
  7. This is common for the coins that forked from the main network, such as BTC-BCH, ETH-ETC, and others. You can't transfer coins from the BTC to BCH network without exchanging them, and if you are sending your BCH to a Bitcoin address without conversion, your coins will not leave the Bitcoin Cash blockchain

They send Bitcoin Cash to that wallet, but use a BTC receive address. Trezor has sent users multiple warnings about the problems of sending BCH to BTC addresses. However, this issue still appears on the internet almost every day - and even experienced bitcoin users have run into the problem On May 15th, Coinbase detected a depth-2 chain reorganization on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. The reorg targeted BCH funds that were erroneously sent to BTC segwit addresses, which were previously unspendable but became recoverable as part of the May 15 BCH upgrade Coinbase sent bch to btc 30.10.2019 - 0 Comments This means that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) sent to an address on the Bitcoin Core (BTC) blockchain will never appear nor be present on the Bitcoin Core blockchain Each BCH address also has a legacy address, which is its corresponding bitcoin address. Going forward, the Blockchain wallet will only display the corresponding CashAddr addresses. Herein, what happens if I send BTC to a BCH address? As of what happens if someone send BTC from a BTC wallet to BCC wallet address, the transactions go through

What happens if you send BCH to BTC wallet? This means that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) sent to an address on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain will never appear nor be present on the Bitcoin blockchain. If you have the same backup phrase for both your BCH and BTC wallets, then the sent BCH will automatically show up in your BCH sub-wallet, so you don't need to recover them 721121 changed the title Accidentally deposited USDT in BTC address in GDAX Accidentally deposited USDT in My BTC address in GDAX Feb 24, 2018. Copy link Contributor achamely commented Mar 9, 2018. If you sent the funds to a coinbase address,.

Check that all data entered is correct and transferred to the section below Derived Addresses If all the data is correct you will find the public master key in the section Account Extended Public Key Address to receive Bitcoin Cash. Enter these three pieces of information into the BTC.com form and they will attempt to recover your funds Accidentally sent BCH to BTC address... I tried to use the private keys in a BCH wallet to recover, and there's no coins showing I've read many other threads like this and it seems to be the common consensus that to recover BCH sent to a BTC address, just use the private key inside a BCH compatible wallet It's showing no Litecoin but I see it sitting there on the blockchain in the BTC address I accidentally sent it to. I have recovery seed Zibidi Gonzales says: June 20, 2019 at 4:50 am I accidentally sent BCH to my BTC Wallet in coinbase, how can I fix that I recently send LTC from coinbase to a BTC address of coin. I entered this key into my coinbase account and sent. It took about 6 hours for my coinbase account to verify funds sent. At this point I do not have the funds in my bitcoin.com account. This appears to be due to the funds being sent from coinbase as BTC and trying to receive as BCH on my bitcoin.com wallet Accidentally sent LTC to My BTC address after pro Coinbase validated the address as an LTC address. August 01, 2020 Hi everyone, I have looked through the forum and I saw similar posts about accidentally sending LTC to BTC address on Trezor or ledgers but I haven't seen one regarding Pro Coinbase

BCH accidentally sent to BTC Address will be credited via

2.Bitcoin (BTC) transfers to bitcoin cash (BCH) addresses. CoinCola will only attempt to recover funds for cross-chain transactions of USD 5000 and above, with a charge of 0.1 BTC per recovery. CoinCola does not guarantee that all cross-chain transactions can be recovered due to inherent security risks and workload of the recovery process Bitcoin cash sent to wrong address. Apr 07, 2021 Follow. If you sent BCH to a BTC address or vice versa by mistake, this is considered as a cross-chain deposit. A cross-chain deposit occurs when tokens are sent from one cryptocurrency blockchain to another. Wallets for one blockchain token cannot support tokens from another blockchain If you accidentally send bitcoin to a friend then it might be easy to convince them to send it back to you. But if you send bitcoin to a stranger by mistake, you might be out of luck. Another possible way to send bitcoin to the wrong address is if your computer has a virus that is designed to steal bitcoin Someone accidentally sent $20,000 worth of BNB to the wrong Binance Smart Chain address and permanently lost his coins. CZ tweeted about the user's plea and revealed a fundamental ethical quandary. CZ said Binance would take care of it I've sent BCH to BTC (and vice versa) You may get confused by all of these Bitcoin forks and the same addresses for different coins. If you sent BCH/BSV to your BTC address or you sent your BTC to a BCH/BSV address, your funds won't land correctly, but they are not lost

For ERC-20 tokens sent to wrong addresses, there's a 0.5 ETH recovery fee. At current ETH and BTC prices, that's anywhere from $230 USD (for ETH) to $1,100 (for bitcoin). (Pre-SegWit) Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash use identical address formats, making it extremely easy to send coins to a wrong address. There are many reports of this happening Dear members, On 7. In a moment of carelessness, I made a transaction of bitcoins (BTC) from my coinbase account to USDT address in Cryptopia. Hmm. Not sure hiw this works bit it sounds like You didn't sent bitcoin to a lite coin address. You sent bitcoin to a bitcoin address that's the same as one of your lite coin addresses

A reminder for customers to not send BCH to BTC addresses. Additionally, we've updated our send screen to make it clearer that transaction fees go to miners — not Coinbase. In fact, in many cases, Coinbase supplements customer paid miner fees to ensure transactions are confirmed as quickly as possible Address format changes were implemented to stop holders of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) sending Bitcoin (BTC) to non supporting wallets. Any Bitcoin Cash wallet can send funds to the new address format by converting the Cash Address to a Legacy address using a conversion tool. As an example, if your Cash address is as below: The Legacy format of the.

Support for 500+ tokens. BTC, ETH, USDT, UNI, LINK, BCH, USDC, LTC, and hundreds mor I accidentally sent BCH to my BTC wallet, can I get it back? Bitcoin Addresses: Legacy vs SegWit; Why did my Phone number verification fail? Can I cash out from Coin Wallet to a bank account? Why 20 XRP is an unspendable balance? How to split BCH/BSV? Where do I find my address? See mor

So whilst SegWit addresses are backwards compatible, you will need to make sure that whatever you are using to send to your SegWit address—understands the Segwit address. If you are expecting to receive bitcoin from someone and they tell you your BTC address is not valid, they are likely sending from a wallet that does not yet support SegWit So, now you can create as many as Bitcoin wallet addresses as you want in your Coinbase account and use any Bitcoin wallet address to receive Bitcoins. Remember: Expert advice use a Bitcoin wallet address once for every transaction, because every transaction and wallet address is publicly viewable by anyone who have the access to internet I accidentally sent BTC to my BCH wallet. Please note that the following recovery instructions will only work, if the receiving address is from your Bitcoin.com wallet. Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are two entirely separate cryptocurrencies and they operate on two entirely separate blockchains

A BCH wallet; The 12-word recovery phrase of the BTC wallet where the BCH were sent. 1) If you do not have a BCH wallet, please create a wallet, choosing BCH as the currency. After you have a BCH Wallet, you can retrieve your original BCH from the backup of the BTC wallet. BitPay never obtains access to your private key with this process Sending BTC to a Litecoin Address. It would have been interesting if the user provided the transaction ID or wallet address, but that is not the case. We do know the money was withdrawn from Coinbase Coinbase send problem. If you have previously reached out to our Customer Service Team, and you find that you have an issue that has not been resolved to your satisfaction, Coinbase . Accidentally sent bch to btc address coinbase where to exchange cryptocurrency for cash I sent Bitcoin Cash to my Bitcoin address by mistake. What do. Apr 07, 2021 Follow. If you sent BCH to a BTC address or vice versa by mistake, this is considered as a cross-chain deposit. A cross-chain deposit occurs when tokens are sent from one cryptocurrency blockchain to another. Wallets for one blockchain token cannot support tokens from another blockchain Another I accidentally sent x to y... question I sent some ETH from Coinbase to a VEN Wallet on hitbtc. I meant to send it to my ETH wallet on hitbtc so I could buy VEN. Coinbase is showing that the transaction was successful. I've reached out to both services explaining what happened, and wondering what my recourse is

I found an article here. Unfortunately, NO Bitcoin sent to Ethereum wallets generally gets lost and cannot be recovered. It is essential to double-check the recipient address before sending bitcoin, Ether, or other cryptocurrencies. Otherwise, you.. Although sending BCH to a regular Changelly's BTC wallet is not fatal, things get more complicated if your funds are sent to a SegWit BTC address. If you've sent altcoins to Changelly's BTC wallet starting with 3 or M, we are unlikely to retrieve them Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency How To Send Bitcoin on Coinbase If you've got Bitc o in in Coinbase, it only takes a few simple steps to send it to another 'wallet,' a place where cryptocurrency can live on the blockchain

How to send Bitcoin from Coinbase to your Electrum Wallet Sending Bitcoin from your Coinbase account to your Electrum wallet is extremely easy. Simply open up the Electrum software and click on the receive tab (located directly next to send and history), where you'll find your Bitcoin public address US-based crypto exchange. Trade Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and more for USD, EUR, and GBP. Support for FIX API and REST API. Easily deposit funds via Coinbase, bank transfer, wire transfer, or cryptocurrency wallet

Sent Bch To Btc Address Coinbase CryptoCoins Info Clu

XMR to BTC Price Details | Monero To Bitcoin Exchange Rates . If you sell 1 XMR, you would get 0.00652693 BTC, which would give you the exact clarity of how much Bitcoin will you own, once you convert 1 XMR. In the last 24 hours, the highest exchange rate is 0.00663023 and the least exchange rate stands at .00656040.You will get to know every trading details at CoinSwitch, which involves a. After which you will be shown this screen asking you to first send the 'ETH' on the below-shown ETH address or QR code. Note: You have 36 hours to send funds otherwise the transaction will be canceled automatically, but I suggest you send it ASAP before the exchange rate of ETH/BTC pair changes. Step #5

3. Whitelisting addresses. Coinbase Pro offers the option to add whitelisted cryptocurrency wallet addresses to an address book. Once you add addresses, you can only send cryptocurrency to those whitelisted addresses. This prevents accidentally sending money to an account you didn't intend. Coinbase does not offer this feature. 4. Order type Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing cryptocurrency Coinbase btc vs bth how to send coins from coinbase. In Mycelium select the menu option Cold Storage. If the email address has not already been claimed, you could price action before and after reverse split highest-yielding dividend stocks under $5 so to ensure the funds are returned to you. Coinbase service told me this: Unfortunately, digital currency transactions using most blockchains. Bch from coinbase how to add gatehub to win auth youtube. Jaxx was launched in and has quickly become one of the most popular mobile bitcoin wallets. Fact checked. By submitting your email, you agree to the finder. Because transactions are not reversiblewe strongly recommend caution when sending and receiving funds I accidentally sent Bitcoin Cash BCH from Trust Wallet to my Coinbase Bitcoin BTC wallet. I didn't realize it because it didn't give me invalid address. Is there any way to retrieve the funds? Coinbase doesn't seem to have a solution on the receiving side. Thank you Eri

I sent Bitcoin Cash to my Bitcoin address by mistake

BCH accidentally sent to BTC address, still unconfirmed (x-post from /r/Bitcoin) Close. Vote. Audit, Twitch AMA ⚡️GOOD ENTRY PRICE! ⚡️ LISTED OUR PRICE ON COINBASE TODAY / Trending ON CoinMarketCap / Gainers list on CMC too! meme. They're first on the trending section of coinmarketcap (top gainers But it also prevents users from accidentally sending BTC to Bcash wallet or BCH to Bitcoin address and possibly losing funds. However as we said the old BCH legacy address are still in use by some exchanges and third party wallet operators. For example: Binance, Coinbase, Blockchain wallet etc How to recover my bitcoin (BTC) I accidentally sent to a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address? David Coen Modified on: Thu, 29 Oct, 2020 at 8:03 AM. If you sent BTC to a BCH address, you may be able to recover them. Send this guide to the receiver and they will have to follow these steps. For the receiver, y ou will need: 1

BCH from Coinbase sent to BTC wallet

I'm not an expert but I thought you could recover your funds if you accidentally sent BCH to a BTC address. No idea how and if you have to work with Coinbase you're probably screwed anyway Tap the + to the right of Imported Addresses and then scan the private key's QR code I accidentally sent BCH to my BTC wallet. Please note that the following recovery instructions will only work, if the receiving address is from your Bitcoin.com wallet Instead of paying BTC, Krebs on Security decided to send 0.00475574 BCH to the specified address. In a matter of minutes, the researcher purchased the three lamps for roughly $12 worth of bitcoin cash. If things couldn't get any worse, they did: Krebs decided to get a refund for the three solar lamps purchased with BCH Send cryptocurrency to your Coinbase wallet. Sending cryptocurrency from another exchange or hardware wallet: Open the trading view at pro.coinbase (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic(ETC), Litecoin(LTC), Basic Attention Token I accidentally chose the account compromised option and my account was locked right. Bitcoin Address Lookup Search and Alerts. View and research bitcoin ownership, transactions and balance checker by name, bitcoin address, url or keywor

Typically, wallet addresses are easy to copy and paste in or scan when using QR codes. Select the wallet you wish to send from and then input how much you wish to send in USD or in BTC, adding a note if you wish. Note: Pay attention to the network fee as this cost will be deducted from the total you send, so be sure to top up the value of the. Losing a phone or hardware wallet containing cryptocurrency is inconvenient, but it shouldn't be fatal. Provided you've backed up your private key One cannot transfer coins directly from BTC to BCH network or BCH to BTC network. Only way on e can transfer is by exchanging them. Without the conversion the coins will not leave the respective blockchains Enter the Bitcoin amount into BTC AMOUNT field, If you have enabled 2FA for sending Bitcoin, enter your 2FA one-time password into the 2FA Code field and click Send bitcoin now

Sent BHC instead of BTC, Hey, I have not been scammed but when i bought gold from @Rigo i accidentally bought BHC and sent it to his BTC wallet. I contacted coinbase and this is w, Report A Scammer Archive More Cryptocurrency Options Available on ACR . If there's a specific cryptocurrency you've been betting on, good news. You can now deposit using over 60 different ones at Americas Cardroom! We started accepting Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals over a year ago, and received such a tremendous response from our players that we decided to add more than 60 of the top cryptocurrencies

How to find my Bitcoin cash that I accidentally sent to a

[ ] Price analysis 5/14: BTC, ETH, BNB, DOGE, ADA, XRP, DOT, BCH, LTC, UNI Bitcoin [ ] NFT STARS marks a digital art Renaissance with the upcoming IDO Bitcoin [ ] Square Has No Plans to Buy More Crypto Exchange Coinbase Hands Over Customer Data to UK Tax Authority Anyone getting involved in cryptocurrency should be well aware that the emerging market carries its fair share of risk. However, popular San Francisco-based exchange Coinbase has taken it to another level by severely overcharging users debit and credit cards - reportedly upwards of 50x the correct amount Recently Coinbase launched their Coinbase Earn platform, Over $600 thousand Bitcoin Cash tokens, which had been accidentally sent to unsupported SegWit addresses on the BCH network, have been sweeped up by a single individual You can use this converter to convert old style legacy address or CashAddr format or vice versa. This address format not only helps users to distinguish between BTC and BCH address. But it also prevents users from accidentally sending BTC to Bcash wallet or BCH to Bitcoin address and possibly losing fund Since the original split in 2017, there has been a significant number of coins accidentally sent to 'anyone can spend' addresses (due to [transaction] compatibility of sigs, but no #SegWit on #BCH), or possibly they've been replayed from #Bitcoin onto the #BCH network, he explained. BTC.top and BTC.com initiated a 51% attack and.

I sent funds to the wrong address

You will then be shown your Bitcoin Coinbase wallet address. This is the address you need to send your Bitcoin to. 3. Once you are all set up, click on Buy/Sell at the top of the page. 4. Next, click on Sell. 5. The next step on how to cash out Bitcoin is in the wallet. Assuming you have now sent your Bitcoin to your Coinbase wallet, you should. Access BCH by switching the blockchain and spending directly from the Bitcoin wallet since BCH has implemented replay protection. This means you shouldn't be able to accidentally spend your BTC when you mean to spend BCH or vice versa. Install the BCH wallet on Ledger Nano S. Split BCH from BTC and transfer it to the BCH wallet on Ledger Nano S That means when you send your BCH to a BTC wallet, your coins may be gone for good In actual fact, bitcoin's genesis address currently contains more than 66.7 BTC, sent over the course of 1,140 transactions The first few blocks of Bitcoin Cash are fresh off the chain. As an owner of the original BTC, you're also an owner of Bitcoin Cash. Today, we're teaching you what it means to be a Bitcoin Cash owner. Bitcoin Cash launched on August 1. The currency is using the tickers BCC or, in some [ BTC and BCH share a similar address format, so it is possible to accidentally send BTC to your BCH. When this happens, BCH will not appear on the BTC blockchain. Suppose you send your BCH to your BTC wallet, and you have the exact backup phrase for both your BCH and BTC wallets

Recovering BCH (Sent to BTC Address) - YouTub

If you sent your BCH to your original BTC address, you should be able to . [145] In bitcoin address history early April 2013, the price per bitcoin trading ksa bitcoin dropped from $266 to around $50 and then rose to around $100. GolangBitcoinjsonrpc. Of the wallet you're sending BCH to, and its address will automatically Right now the minimum fee is 0.0001 BTC — in the example 0.001 BTC was imported from the paper wallet, so only 0.0009 BTC can be sent because of the miner's fee. Choosing where to send funds. Click Send — the paper wallet private key has now been swept of all its bitcoins as they now reside on a different private key in the Electrum wallet The developers behind Bitcoin ABC, a software implementation which accounts for 81.48% of all nodes running on the bitcoin cash network, have released a new update designed to solve an issue whereby users could lose funds when mixing up BTC and BCH addresses. The problem stems from bitcoin cash's hard fork last year, which resulted in the [ XMR to BTC Price Details | Monero To Bitcoin Exchange Rates . If you sell 1 XMR, you would get 0.00713999 BTC, which would give you the exact clarity of how much Bitcoin will you own, once you convert 1 XMR. In the last 24 hours, the highest exchange rate is 0.00673300 and the least exchange rate stands at .00622658.You will get to know every trading details at CoinSwitch, which involves a. Similarly, just like your house/flat number, anyone in the Bitcoin world can know your public address (Bitcoin address) to send you bitcoins. And to unlock (spend/send) those bitcoins, you would require your private address (or key) for which you need to take full responsibility, just like the keys of the mailbox

They immediately went to send feedback, please comment below or send a pm., coinbase is only a matter of days.. i'm in it for your entire portfolio for like a duck, fly like a different address.. wtf.. when you are doing., do you guys Btc.com and BTC.top carries out a 51% attack on Bitcoin Cash network to stop an unknown miner BTC price down less than one percent only Two of the Bitcoin Cash miners reportedly carried out a 51% attack on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain in an effort to reverse another miner's transactions, per the Tweet by Cryptoconomy Podcast host, Guy Swann on May 24th Wallet: send and request Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) instantly. Connect your crypto exchanges: View your balances in one easy dashboard across the major crypto exchanges including Coinbase, Poloniex, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Gemini, Kraken, Binance, HitBTC, itBit / Learning the pros, cons and quirks of each address format will enable you to choose a compatible bitcoin wallet, exchange or platform.. Legacy addresses start with 1 or 3 (as opposed to starting with bc1). Btc should only ever be sent to bitcoin wallet addresses. Bitcoin cash (bch) changed its address format starting on january 2018 I was playing around on my phone and accidentally bought $100 in bitcoin. I don't want it. Can I am trying to send Bitcoin to Cash App from another website but it's telling me that my wallet address has been used before. Can you guys change my I accidentally sent BCH to my Cash App instead of BTC. Help me recover these funds.

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