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Yield Farms List New; Misc. APIs; Verify Contract; Byte to Opcode; Broadcast TXN; Vyper Online Compiler; Label Word Cloud; Token Approvals Beta; Unit Converter New; Sign In Explorers. Bsc Mainnet; Bsc Testne Token Tracker. Yield Farming. Label Cloud. Yield Farming. A total of 279 Token Contracts found. Processing... #. Contract Address Highest Yield Farming Token (HYFT) Token Tracker on BscScan shows the price of the Token $0.00, total supply 500,000, number of holders 40 and updated information of the token. The token tracker page also shows the analytics and historical data Similarly, with yield farms, we always try to see who the top holders are, what else they're holding, and whether they're buying or selling. Checking who the top holders are is simple as looking at the holders tab in BSCScan. Or if you're on ETH, you can use an analytics tool like Nansen.ai to gain even more insights Tracking your Yield Farming stats and crypto Portfolio health using Farmfolio. Close. Vote. X2P (a BSC project) is a frictionless, high-yield, deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain. A 10% transaction fee will be distributed over all X2P holders every time there's a buy-in

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Yield farming on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has witnessed rapid growth and several protocols have been grateful participants with many more still on the line. Below, you will find five of the most popular yield farms on BSC. 1. PancakeSwap. PancakeSwap is the leading automated market maker and the first billion-dollar project on Binance Smart Chain Like yEarn, AutoFarm's Vaults auto-compound yields across platforms while pooling the gas costs to optimize yield farming strategies. If you wish to track your entire BSC portfolio from a single platform, you can use the BSC alternative to Ethereum's Zapper platform called YieldWatch. As you must've already noticed, we're not dealing. Mirror Protocol allows the creation of fungible assets, synthetics, that track the price of real world assets. Mirror synthetics are intended to be used as key building blocks in smart contracts, and to bring the world's assets to the blockchain. $9.8209. 0.000171 BTC 0.015688 BNB Beefy.finance is a yield aggregator on Binance smart chain that helps crypto holders to maximize returns from yield farming. This aggregator uses a vault system to optimize yields. The vaults function as investment instruments and use smart contracts to implement various strategies

BSC Yield Farming Results Version 2 Week 1; My experience with Crypto.Com; Lessons learned from day trading in college; BSC Yield Farming Results Week 4; Basics of Vite & ViteX; Crypto Wallets; Koinly vs Cointracking vs Cointracker 2021; BSC Yield Farming Results Week 3; The art of buying high and selling low; Bitcoin Mining 2021; BSC Yield. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has obtained tremendous popularity in the course of the last few weeks. One of the fastest growing protocols on BSC is ACryptoS, a protocol for automated yield management.According to defistation.io there are currently more than 400 million USD locked in ACryptoS. This makes ACryptoS the protocol with the fourth highest USD value locked on the Binance Smart Chain A great video on how to track yield farming, staking and lending performance on BSC with beautiful UI display using Yieldwatch. Just sharing here since it saves us the hassle on using spreadsheets

Track your farming and pool performance on the Binance Smart Chain - https://farm.army - frontend nodejs php portfolio vuejs symfony blockchain bsc encore binance binance-smart-chain yield-farming smart-chai It's quite common to get at least a 10% yield on stable coins, 20/40% on major coins (such as BTC, ETH), or even 100%-200% for other cryptocurrencies. In my yield farming strategy on Binance. Recently, a new phenomenon known as yield farming has exploded in popularity. yield farming is essentially a process to maximize returns by putting your cryptocurrency assets to work. For example, users can deposit their crypto assets in a DeFi protocol like Compound and earn reward tokens (similar to interest) which in turn are lent out to other DeFi platforms to earn more rewards The best dashboard to track automatically your Binance Smart Chain and Polygon wallet over time. It supports tokens held in your wallet and DeFi yields farm contracts

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This is a guide on how to yield farm on BSC and an overview of DeFi on BSC. BSC, or Binance Smart Contract Chain is a new blockchain from Binance that is smart contract enabled and is compatible with EVM among other things, making it easier for Ethereum app developers to move to. It has seen a dramatic rise in usage and popularity among crypto users of late If you do not explore much and only holding or farming top coins on BSC, then Yield Watch probably suits you. Although you need to hold $1 of WATCH to track every $200 in your wallet. It means that you should put 0.5% (1/200) of your portfolio in WATCH to use its service

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  1. The list of BEP-20 Tokens and their Prices, Market Capitalizations and the Number of Holders in the Binance Blockchain on BscScan
  2. Display the net yield across those platforms. Provide a range of figures for each pool, including price change, HODL value, Impermanent Loss (IL), and fee earnings. Why You Should Track Your DeFi Yields. As a yield farmer, multiple things are affecting your profits, including: the rewards of the pools you have staked in
  3. g on BSC does come with a lot of processes or steps, especially if this is your first time. But as you get used to it, it becomes normal and faster. The complete guide to yield far
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  5. g LP funds with BNB,.
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  7. g on Binance Smart Chain. pepr.finance. Launch App. Hot Pepper DeFi Yield Far

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CheesecakeSwap, Yield Farming and AMM Platform on BSC. CheesecakeSwap is a decentralized AMM and yield farm platform running on Binance Smart Chai YIELD FARMING LIST This list is for community reference only and does not imply endorsement by BSCDaily.com. Please remember to Yield Farming - BSC Daily | Latest News & Coverage on Binance Smart Chai BSC Yield Farming Results Version 2 Week 1. With portfolio trackers struggling on the new fresh DEX of the week, I feel like it would be interesting to compare how they are doing but on a daily/weekly basis. I have been yield farming on Harmony which has been SUPER awesome Track your farming and pool performance on the Binance Smart Chain - https://farm.army - nodejs backend nodejs portfolio smart-contracts blockchain yield bsc binance JavaScript MIT 20 26 15 1 Updated Apr 19, 202

Today I found this cool platform with farming on BSC! Website: Checkout my other social medias Twitter: source. Hey! Yield farming optimizer for BSC! YieldFarming Apache - Yield farming optimizer for BSC! Alexandrus 4 weeks ago. 0 11 Less than a minute. Follow Twitte PancakeBunny is a yield optimization platform on BSC that enables users to easily and automatically compound their yields.. The protocol calculates the most optimal compounding frequency and automatically compounds your tokens for maximum profit. When farming on PancakeBunny, you earn the single or LP token you deposited as well as the BUNNY token

The platforms seeks to offer an alternative to many issues which are common in BSC yield farming.. If for example you would like to yield farm with your Bitcoin you could exchange it to BTCB and convert it this way into a BEP-20 token which is a native asset on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Thereafter, you could deposit it on one of the supported wallets and then deposit it into the BTCB vault on app.beefy.finance - the current APY for BTCB is around 38%

Already using Binance Smart Chain (BSC) but want to diversify your farming strategies? Leverage ComethSwap on Polygon L2 to get the best APYs in DeFi by following these 3 simple steps: At this tim BSC Yield Farming YouTube Statistics and Channel analytics report by HypeAuditor. Discover channel statistics, subscribers growth analysis, audience engagement and in-depth content and audience analysis So get in now as this has just luanched so you can accumulate yield farming coins on the best yield farming called Autoshark.finance. This is out pic for the number 1 yield optimizer defi on the binance smart chain for 2021. Learn how to yield farm bsc tokens from the SEOBetter youtube channel BSC.Tools shares with traders on-cha i n and live trading data from DeFi exchanges based on the Binance Smart Chain. Portfolio and Yield Optimizer. You can track all your portfolio and information about your DeFI investments in a single place. We'll also aggerate data from other Defi projects and suggest you the best yield-farming strategies

Yield farming protocol, BarbecueSwap, has witnessed extraordinary growth in a 15 day period. A surge in both users and transactions rocketed the Total Value Locked (TVL) on the platform to beyond $3 million, now settling at $2.3 million Highest Yield Farming Token (HYFT) Token Tracker on BscScan shows the price of the Token $0.0000, total supply 500,000, number of holders 7 and updated information of the token. The token tracker page also shows the analytics and historical data Jaguarswap Yield Farming and automated Market Maker (AMM) BSC Project Review. Jaguarswap is a DeFi project designed as a 3 generation deflationary yield farming and automated market maker (AMM) by an experienced team in the Binance Smart Chain network

Alpha Homora is one of the most popular DeFi platforms. It allows investors to leverage their liquidity mining positions on platforms such as Uniswap and SushiSwap; instead of staking $10,000 worth of assets directly on SushiSwap, you can go through Alpha Homora and open up a $25,000 position, earning a lot more in profits, not counting additional rewards you will be receiving in the form of. BNB lenders can earn high interest on BNB. The lending interest rate comes from leveraged yield farmers borrowing these BNB to yieldfarm. Yield farmers ca n get even higher farming APY and trading fees APY from taking on leveraged yield farming positions. By taking leverage, Alpha Homora would borrow BNB on users' behalf to yield farm

Best DeFi yield farming aggregator for Tokens,Try to harvest the best and sustainable yield to all users with various risk tolerances bZx Yield Farming is launching on Binance Smart Chain and will be rewarding BGOV to liquidity providers. What is bZx? bZx the first DeFi platform offering margin trading on BSC. We recently launched fully decentralized margin trading and lending on Binance Smart Chain along with the new BGOV governance token

A Guide to Yield Farming on Ethereum Yield Farming. Yield farming is an innovative new way to earn passive income using the Ethereum blockchain. The phrase became widely popularized following the distribution of the Compound Finance governance token (COMP), which saw investors earn Annual Percentage Yields (APY) in excess of 100% BSC FARM is down 2.75% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #5143, with a live market cap of not available. The circulating supply is not available and a max. supply of 1,502,258 BSC coins.If you would like to know where to buy BSC FARM, the top exchanges for trading in BSC FARM are currently BurgerSwap, and PancakeSwap Yield Farming and Staking: Users can have immediate access to the stake and pool farming platform and start earning tokens when they stake their tokens. The current Total Valued Locked (TVL) on the platform is above $9 Million, as users can earn APR up to 3,399% at the time of this review Binance Smart Chain Farming Infrastructure | Yield Farming on BSC | #Shorts by The Token Metrics Podcast published on 2021-03-10T10:22:32Z. Users who reposted this track. Users who like Binance Smart Chain Farming Infrastructure | Yield Farming on BSC | #Short A key difference in yield farming on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum is the low gas fee. As BSC has lower gas fees than Ethereum, you would earn more net profits by paying less money for the aggregation. Autofarm . Autofarm is a yield farming aggregator running on Binance Smart Chain

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Yield Farming has become the latest trend among crypto enthusiasts. It is also attracting many new users to the world of DeFi. Yet, one must not forget that there are serious risks associated with it. Impermanent loss, smart contract risks, and liquidation risks are a major concern to be accounted for Alpha Homora is a protocol for leveraging your position in yield farming pools. Lenders earn high APY. Yield farmers earn yields from yield farming up to 3x initial invested capital Yieldwatch has integrated Band Protocol oracles. Yieldwatch is officially partnering with Band Protocol to integrate decentralized price feeds for all our fiat currencies as a first collaboration step!. With well over 80,000 daily average users (DAU), yieldwatch is the go-to Dashboard for yield farmers & lenders on Binance Smart Chain offering a wide array of PRO features for example detailed.

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Yield farming frenzy has led to massive Ethereum, Tether withdrawals in China. The ongoing rush for yield farming in the crypto market has reportedly led to Chinese investors withdrawing funds from exchanges in the country to lock them up on obscure protocols that promise high yields, said local outlet WuBlockchain earlier today Alpha Homora v1 ประกาศการเปิดตัวใน Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ในอีกไม่กี่สัปดาห์ข้างหน้า ซึ่งจะช่วยให้ฐานผู้ใช้ DeFi มีขนาดใหญ่ขึ้น และจะได้รับประโยชน์จากการได้รับ. Pancakeswap Index Yield Farm. Discover BSC Index, the leading DEX on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with the best farms in DeFi. The most popular AMM on BSC by user count! Earn PKID through yield farming, then stake it in Smart Pools to earn more tokens Solana Season is well and truly here! There are so many projects launching daily, some with new tokens. You can try your hand with providing new token liquidity to get some sweet APY. You can put on your straw hat and yield farm, and now even auto-compound aggregated yield farm! https://twitter.. DeFi yield farming ecosystem offering investors a variety of ways to generate greater returns from trees.finance tokens. Community-driven Project governance is 100% community-driven as holders of 1 GANJA or 500 BLAZE can join the trees.finance Smokers club to vote on the use of community funds

The latest Tweets from CryptoBSC (@DeFi_of_BSC). #BUIDL on #BSC #BNB #Binance $BSCX #Launchzone. crypto investment specialist, defi, Yield Farming . I used all my. Tenet is a decentralized AMM connector which uses an integrated entrance to streamline yield farming experiences

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Yield farming is a method to harness idle cryptocurrencies such as coins, tokens, stablecoins, and put those assets to work in a decentralized finance fund, often generating interest rates that range between conservative 0.25% for less popular tokens and above 142% for some MKR loans Layered farming is a perpetual farming tool to allow Zombies to constantly enjoy a high-risk high-reward APY yield farming. Imagine a new xxxxswap site but hosted on Zombie Farm where you can ape your money into it with no rugpull, no dumping, one of the first #notjustameme tokens on the BSC chain. by BSC Daily. June 5, 2021. 0 Guru BSC and Ethereum blockchain developers required for several exciting positions in the DeFi space and working on multiple blockchain startups. Responsibilities include: 1) Creating and supporting a yield farm 2) Auditing yield farm code 3) Writing custom smart contracts and oracles for optimizing yield farming The first and only yield-farming, vaults and staking deflationary token with no admin control. We are now LIVE on #BSC ! Many new exciting features coming very soon. All functions pre-programmed in smart contracts. From the pre-sale to the last token distributed. Ultimate security for investors. Yield-farming, vaults and staking pools 六‍ It ain't much, but it's honest wor

Lambo Finance. Yield farming and staking platform on the BSC. Experience a wide range of low inflation farming and staking pools at Lambo Finance. The all-in-one toolkit for exchange liquidity, pricing, and liquidity pairs with real-time data. Buy and sell tokens (Lambo Finance) with low gas fees on our own decentralized exchange YieldNyan - AMM on BSc! Earn NYAN Token through Yield farming, then stake in it in Catnip Pools to earn more Nyan Tokens. Experience the new financial system. Cheaper and Faster than Uniswap! Come and find out YieldNyan, the leading DEX on.

75,000,000 LUSH sent to Binance Charity ERC20 BSC Address (7,5%) 75,000,000 LUSH sent to LUSH Treasury for development, marketing (7,5%) Roadmap. May 2021 . Token Sale + Listing . August 2021 . NFT Constellations & Planets Collections . December 2021 . Attempting to get. @defiprime - catch latest news on DeFi world in bite sized tweets @BanklessHQ - the ultimate guide to crypto finance @DeFiRate - a trusted resource for all things #DeFi @DeFi_Dad - a super user creating tutorials on DeFi (Recommended for beginners) DeFi Pulse Farmer - a substack newsletter by DeFi Pulse 1000 IQ club: @ChainLinkGod - few understand this @DegenSpartan - galaxy brain takes on. Swamp.Finance is an advanced yield optimizer hosted on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with Swampy (SWAMP), a governance token native to the Swamp finance ecosystem TOOLS has officially been selected for LaunchZone PoolX. Through the LaunchZone PoolX, you can earn TOOLS rewards for providing liquidity in the TOOLS — BSCX & TOOLS — BUSD pool.. At the time we write tutorial, the APY for TOOLS-BSCX is 11,574.25% and for TOOLS-BUSD is 16,661.82%.. TOOLS liquidity mining is going to start at 11:30 GMT+8, March 10th on LaunchZone PoolX: poolx.launchzone.or

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In addition, the first batch of Yield Farming projects is expected to launch on BSC soon. Through these projects, crypto holders may yield from using various major cryptocurrencies, such as XRP, BCH, LTC, ADA, DOT, XTZ, EOS, ONT, and more PARTHENON Yield Farms. 2 575 members, 363 online. https://parthenon.finance/. View in Telegram. If you have Telegram, you can view and join. PARTHENON Yield Farms right away CheeseSwap Index Yield Farm. Discover BSC Index, the leading DEX on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with the best farms in DeFi. The most popular AMM on BSC by user count! Earn CID through yield farming, then stake it in Smart Pools to earn more tokens! Initial Farm Offerings (new token launch model pioneered by BSCIndex), NFTs,. DeFi liquidity mining (yield farming) is the right way for crypto enthusiasts to get returns on their assets' value. However, since it's still in the early stages, it has a long way to go in terms of growth and adoption. Although the yield obsession is fun, it may, in the long run, cause damages if not correctly handled MesChain, Partnership, Products, Projects. UV-C Autonomous Mobile Robot Project Full Autonomous Technical Features; - The system has a 2500W battery. The charging time of this system is an average of 1 hour, while it is fully charged and at full power, it can disinfect the area of 576m2 for an average of 5 hours

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BORGSWAP - Swapping and Yield Farms for the Alpha Quadrant Fantom <-> BSC Bridge. Polygon <-> BSC $ 50.21 BUY. $ 448.48 BUY. Connect your wallet. You will earn more tokens (the same token you deposited), the vault sells the farm reward every a few hours and buys more staked tokens (or LPs) to be able to compound. How often is the vault compounded? It depends on the TVL and the APY,. Sonar is a dashboard to track Yield Farming and Liquidity Pool performance on Solana blockchai Issues with Yield Farming Although BSC is the ideal chain for yield farming because of cheap tx fees, current yield farming solutions (including Goose and its numerous forks) are not optimal. For example, these platforms will invariably insist on users depositing liquidity tokens to their platform, when there is no need for it given they are simply routing via PancakeSwap Alpaca Finance. Alpaca Finance is the largest lending protocol allowing leveraged yield farming on Binance Smart Chain. It helps lenders to earn safe and stable yields, and offers borrowers undercollateralized loans for leveraged yield farming positions, vastly multiplying their farming principals and resulting profits.‌

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Binance Smart Chain farming infrastructure. Yield farming on BSC. Sign up for Token Metrics at https://tokenmetrics.com Token Metrics Media LLC is a regular publication of information, analysis a BSC Protocol Uranium Finance Hacked for $50 Million. by. Nathan van der Heyden. Apr. 28, 2021 . The BNB-BUSD yield farming Vault 1 of the DeFi application Meerkat finance, a clone of Yearn Finance on Binance Smart Chain, was drained for $31 million this morning For example, a yield farmer can lend ETH on Compound and earn a yield based on how much Compound charges borrowers for ETH loans. Additionally, the liqudity provider also receives COMP tokens in relation to the amount they contribute to the borrowing and lending pool. To start digging in the fields of yield farming, you have to pay to play Yield Farming on BSC: Hot or not? What's the long term outlook? Binance Cryptocoins Exchanges / Binance 3 hours ago 2 Views. Hey guys, So in the midst of the markets downturn I've been observing the yield across DeFi protocols sliding as demand weakens across the market for digital assets

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BurgerSwap: The New DeFi Protocol Changing the Wave of Yield Farming Governance. Project Reviews / 25.09.2020. Saying that DeFi is a boom is an understatement, considering the great investments it offers all users. Yes, it's true that many new protocols enter the market with so much zeal but fail before they breathe life into yield farming HyperBurn (HYPR) 50% distributed to holder wallets 25% burned out of total supply forever 25% distributed to burn vault for development HyperAlloy (ALLOY) Emission: 3.14 per block Bought back and burned by 0.1% of AMM fees Bought back and burned by yield farm deposit fee The HyperJump Ecosystem H.. The yield farming frenzy during Summer 2020 produced several food-based yield farming protocols and tokens. PancakeSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), powered by the BEP-20 Pancake token (CAKE) organic farming bsc agriculture, bsc defi farming, yield farming bsc español, cara farming bsc, farming on bsc, bsc yield farming source. Comments. 0 comments. Search for: Recent posts. data shows Bitcoin is rocket fuel 9 de May de 2021; Elrond (eGLD) vs Cardano, Ethereum, & Polkadot Yield Farming Ecosystem DYP Introduces Staking Pools on Binance Smart Chain Besides an advanced consumer experience, it affects an interest in DeFi Yield Protocol, a native core asset of the DYP. In accordance with a statement by the project team, with DeFi protocol Tool's amalgamation, DeFi Yield Protocol will advance into a one-stop hub for DeFi protocols

$0.00340. Please, Choose a Language Yield farming involves lending cryptocurrency. In return, you get interest and sometimes fees, but they're less significant than the practice of supplementing interest with handouts of units of. Broadly, yield farming is any effort to put crypto assets to work and generate the most returns possible on those assets. At the simplest level, a yield farmer might move assets around within.

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