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  1. Despite high security precautions, occasionally gold bars with fake embossing from Argor-Heraeus and other well-known refineries appear on the market. In order to prevent such counterfeits even better in the future and to ensure the highest bar integrity, Argor-Heraeus, with its extensive market experience, is currently working on alternative security technologies for cast investment bars
  2. Recently, some fake 100 gr. gold cast bars with Argor-Heraeus' hallmark were sold in Turkey. The fake bars are filled with tungsten and covered in gold. As shown in this short video and photos below, the external appearance of the counterfeit bars is of low quality and does not compare with the appearance of actual Argor-Heraeus' gold bars
  3. g goldbars 2,5g and 5g because i find them very nice looking and with their low
  4. As I pointed out in on my personal blog at the time, the Argor Heraeus video showed a fake bar received more than ten years prior. So sorry Zero Hedge, this is not two incidents in two years. Argor Heraeus said that counterfeit bars are extremely rare, our colleagues from the foundry cannot recall a single instance in the last years in which such a bar was delivered to Heraeus for.

Argor-Heraeus Gold Bars Design & Sizes. Each Argor-Heraues Gold Bar is made of finest .9999 pure gold of various size options. Cast bars are produced of 10 g, 100 g, 250 g, 500 g and 1000 g weights, as well as minted bars of 1, 2, 5, 10 grams, 1 oz., 20, 50 and 100 grams weight types Fake gold bars - blocks of cheaper The identifying features stamped onto a bar's surface include the logo of the refinery that Valcambi, PAMP, Argor-Heraeus and Metalor - process around. Cast gold bars from Heraeus Purity: 999.9. Each cast bar and its certificate is tightly sealed. The minted bars are all delivered in a blister card. These look attractive, and the two welded seams make them particularly stable. Furthermore, they are made of renewable PET, an environmentally friendly plastic I am looking into buying my first gold bar, I am located in the EU, and Argor Heraeus seems like a reputable source. (I am open to trying other brands, if you have suggestions.) I am however worried that I might buy some fake gold

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This Swiss-made Bar manufactured by Argor-Heraeus would enhance any collection and comes fully encapsulated and certified by the manufacturer, complete with a fantastic Globe design on the reverse. Argor Heraeus is one of the leading precious metal refiners in the world today. Located in the refining hotbed of Switzerland, Argor Heraeus offers a wide range of gold bars for sale that it produces on its own and in tandem with other mints, such as collaborations with the private Scottsdale Mint in the United States. Right now, 100 Gram Argor Heraeus Gold Bars are available to purchase. We call ourselves the golden link for the precious metal of our clients along the entire value chain. As part of Heraeus Precious Metals (HPM), we are the largest global provider of services in the precious metal industry Now, 5 Gram Argor-Heraeus Gold Bars are available to you for purchase online from JM Bullion. Bar Highlights: Bar arrives in a sealed blister pack and comes with an assay card! Included in the Classic series! Contains 5 Grams (.1607 Troy oz) of .9999 pure gold. The obverse features the mint logo, weight, purity, and metal content Each bar is also imprinted with the Argor Heraeus assay mark 'AH melter assayer' and each bar displays a unique serial number. The 100 gram cast gold bar (3.215 troy ounces) is rectangular in shape with dimensions 45 mm x 24 mm x 5.5 mm, and comes presented in a PET transparent tamper-proof blister pack which doubles as the bar's assay card

The Heraeus bar is shipped in blister packaging made of renewable PET, an environmentally friendly plastic. Collectors and investors from all over the world appreciate the beauty and purity of the Heraeus 1 oz gold bar Argor-Heraeus logo is featured on the obverse side of the 1 oz Argor-Heraeus Kinebar Gold Bar. This logo is featured at the top of the bars design field and is the prominent design feature of the bar. Additional inscriptions on this face of the bar include the nation of issue, weight, metal content, and purity Each of the individual 2 Gram Argor-Heraeus Kinebar Gold Bars in this listing is in brand-new condition from the mint at Argor-Heraeus. These gold bars are individually packaged by the mint within sealed blisterpacks. The pack contains a capsule space to house the gold bar and features an assay card around the capsule

Statement from Argor-Heraeus on fake-branded bar

  1. Descriptio
  2. ted products. Our products are a perfect mix of technology, art, care for detail and focus on the client's needs. A broad range of cast and
  3. Brand New 1oz 999.9 Gold bars supplied by LBMA approved refiner Heraeus.. Our 1oz gold bars are VAT free and are available for secure vaulting or fully insured delivery.. This gold bar can also be added to a SIPP or SSAS pension account
  4. Each Heraeus 1 oz gold bar is crafted with less than .0015 mm-deep engravings that reflect light in a multitude of colors and patterns, safeguarding it against counterfeiting. With its perfect blend of unique beauty, purity, and proprietary Kinegram security features, it's easy to see why the Argor-Heraeus 1 oz gold Kinebar is a top choice among investors
  5. 而且,每條金條都刻有Argor Heraeus 標記, 提供真實性和在市場上是一個很大的保証, 並能夠在全球流通。產品重量由1克至1000克,成色是999.9。 Argor Heraeus 100g 9999 Fine Gold Bullion Bar (Cast Bar) Weight: 100 gram/0.1kg/2.672tael/3.23Troy Ounce Purity: 999.

WARNING: Counterfeit 100 gr

  1. ts Heraeus, Argor Heraeus, Austrian Mint, PAMP. Gold bars are on GOOD DELIVERY list
  2. The blisterpack includes a capsule to house the gold bar and an assay card around the capsule. The assay cards include details on the weight, metal content, purity, and serial number that match all those details inscribed on the bars. On the obverse side of the 1 oz Gold Argor-Heraeus Kinebar Bars is a depiction of the Argor-Heraeus logo
  3. 1. The bar number on the certificate matches the number on the gold bar. 2. The bar is firmly protected by a transparent moulding in the packaging. 3. The certificate vouches for the authenticity of Umicore gold bars and for a safe investment. 4. Umicore gold bars are available in sizes ranging from 1g-100g in attractive packaging with a.
  4. Argor Heraeus Kinebars, featuring their own laser technology, are also available in sizes up to 100 gram gold bars. Finally, Argor Heraeus release the multigram gold bar, which is designed to break into 1 gram increments, and be used instead of currency in an emergency
  5. ted gold bars, such as this 10 gram bar, are ideal for saving in gold and also for gifting
  6. ted gold Kinebar is produced by famous Swiss gold refinery Argor-Heraeus and is

Each gold bar has a unique serial number. Some of the fake-branded bars were discovered because they had the same one. Photo: R The Shanghai Gold Exchange, which regulates China's gold market, said it was not aware of counterfeit bars being made in or transported through China Genuine Kangaroo Minted Gold Bars. In comparison to this representation of a genuine Kangaroo Minted Gold Bar in black card, the fake features several obvious discrepancies: • The fake black card omits our black swan 'water mark' logo on the front. • The fake product is encased in an inelegant plastic sleeve featuring crimped edges

from ZeroHedge:. Over the years, we have periodically reported of the occasional gold bar discovered as counterfeit in Manhattan's Diamond District which instead of containing the yellow precious metal would be filled with gold-plated tungsten or in some cases copper. The news would spark a brief wave of outrage, prompting physical gold holders to run ultrasound spot checks of their. A top-of-the-line fake gold bar should match the color, surface hardness, density, chemical, and nuclear properties of gold perfectly. To do this, you could could start with a tungsten slug about 1/8-inch smaller in each dimension than the gold bar you want, then cast a 1/16-inch layer of real pure gold all around it BESTOYARD 5pcs Fake Gold Bar Replica Gold Bar Fake Golden Brick Bullion Gold Bar Decorations Realistic Gold Bar Brick Prop Movie Prop Novelty Gift Joke. 3.3 out of 5 stars 22. $13.09 $ 13. 09 $13.79 $13.79. 8% coupon applied at checkout Save 8% with coupon. Get it as soon as Thu, Jun 3 Such a top-quality fake London good delivery bar would cost about $50,000 to produce because it's got a lot of real gold in it, but you'd still make a nice profit considering that a real one. 100 Grams Argor-Heraeus Gold Bar. Gross Price excl. shipping. €5235.99 £0.0

25Pcs Fake GOLD Bullion Bar Paper, Plastic Heavy Brass Polished Prop Toy £21.27 £23.63 previous price £23.63 10% off 10% off previous price £23.63 10% of Argor-Heraeus is one of the global leaders in the production of gold bars, as well as silver, platinum, and palladium. Also a global leader in precious metals services, Argor-Heraeus is a respected gold bullion brand. Today, 1/10 oz Argor-Heraeus Gold Bars are available to you online from JM Bullion. Bar Highlights 1 oz Gold Bar - Argor-Heraeus .9999 Fine (In Assay) Each bar has a unique serial number. Argor-Heraeus is one of Switzerland's and the world's largest precious metals refineries. Located in Switzerland, Argor-Heraeus is also one of the world's oldest refiners and assayers of precious metals

are there Argor Heraeus Kinebar fake bars? Silver Stacker

This 1 oz Argor-Heraeus Gold Bar is an efficient way to acquire Gold bullion from a reputable manufacturer. Contains 1 oz of. 9999 fine Gold. Bar Highlights Obverse: Depicts weight, purity and Argor-Heraeus stamp The reverse side of these 5 Gram Gold Bars from Argor-Heraeus are produced with a blank reverse field. All of the bars in this series are issued with an individual serial number that is both engraved on the obverse of the bar and printed on the obverse face of the assay card to make instant verification on your part easy Each Argor-Heraeus 2.5 g gold bar is presented in its own stylish PET transparent blister pack which doubles as the bar's assay certificate. The front of the 2.5 g gold bar is stamped with the Argor Heraeus refiner stamp 'AH' and the bar's weight and fine gold content. Each bar is also engraved with a unique serial number on the front Fine Selection of Argor-Heraeus Gold Bars and Gold Rounds . There is a variety of sizes from which to choose, giving investors options. Perfect for investors of all levels, Argor-Heraues Gold adds quality to any portfolio.Starting as small as 1 gram Gold and as high as 1 kilo Gold, investors have several options on hand

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  1. Weight.75 oz: Mint: Argor-Heraeus. Precious Metal: Gold. Metal Content.6430 Troy Ounces. Purity.9999 Fine. Condition: New. Certification: Assay Card. Serialized: Bar.
  2. The other inscriptions found on this side of the bar include Switzerland, 10 g, Fine Gold, 999,9, and a unique serial number. There is also an assayers mark on this face of the gold bars. Reverse. In the reverse design of the 10 Gram Gold Kinebar Bar, you will again find the Argor-Heraeus logo as defined above
  3. 5 gram gold bar - these bars are the best choice for making reasonable investments in medium-sized bars with affordable prices; 1 ounce gold bar - the one ounce gold bar is without a doubt one of the most popular gold bar sizes
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  1. Gold Bar - Argor Heraeus - 999.9 Fine in Sealed Assay Card. The obverse of the Argor Heraeus Gold bar bears the AH logo with the weight and purity and is engraved with an individualized serial number
  2. 5 gram Gold Bar - Argor Heraeus Kinebar - 999.9 Fine in Sealed Assay Card Argor Heraeus SA is a leading international refinery of precious metals and is accredited by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). This makes Argor Heraeus a safe and reliable way to include bullion in your investment portfolio
  3. Gold Bars . We stock a wide range of gold bars available at low premiums above spot. All our bars are pure 24 carat , brand new and manufactured by LBMA approved refiners including Umicore, Metalor, Heraeus & PAMP. Investment gold is VAT free and prices include FREE fully insured next day delivery
  4. 1 Gram Argor-Heraeus Gold Bar. So I try to keep a variety of styles of gold bars in inventory. Everyone has a different taste of what they like and PAMP gold bars can get kind of old. These were the last two 1 Gram Argor-Heraeus Gold Bars JM Bullionhad. I tried to get more but when I added them to my cart it said there were only two in stock
  5. Home Gold Bullion Gold Bars Argor-Heraeus 50 gram Gold Bar. Previous. Argor-Heraeus 20 gram Gold Bar . as low as $ 1,237.04. Next. Valcambi 5 gram Gold Bar . as low as $ 324.92. Argor-Heraeus 50 gram Gold Bar New. Out of stock. Rated 0 out of 5. 0 reviews. SKU: BPG-00387 . as low as $ 3,069.11. Volume Discounts. Quantity: Card: Check: 1

Consists of 20 Grams, or .6430 Troy ounces, of .9999 fine gold. The obverse face of the bar has the Argor-Heraeus logo and markings of weight, purity, and metal content. On the reverse side of the gold bar is a blank surface. Gold minted ingots such as these are produced by Argor-Heraeus using a multi-step process Gold bars. The most cost-effective way to invest in gold is to buy standard bullion. Gold bullion is categorized as investment gold. Each investment unit bears the name and logo of the manufacturer, a unique identification number, correct weight and fineness 999.9

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Exclusive: Fake-branded bars slip dirty gold into world

This means that the Argor Heraeus Gold bar has a hologram that shines on the surface of the gold bar. The Kinebar was termed as a 'revolutionary bar' when it was introduced and was considered as a novel invention that heralded a new age in gold minting An efficient way to acquire gold, this gold bar from Argor-Heraeus in Switzerland is an ideal choice for investors wanting to increase their gold holdings. This 100 gram gold bar is guaranteed .9999 fine and comes to you packed in an assay card that authenticates the gold metal purity and weight

Heraeus Gold bar

The accompanying assay card lists the weight and authentication of the bar by the assayer. Protect and display your 1 oz Gold bar in style by browsing our beautiful presentation boxes to find the perfect complement for your Gold bar. This 1 oz Argor-Heraeus Gold Bar is an efficient way to acquire Gold bullion from a reputable manufacturer 5g Gold Argor Heraeus .9999 Gold Bar Sealed in Assay Card #A514. $339.99. Free shipping. VERY RARE 10 Gram GOLD Engelhard Bar with Original Assay Certificate & Envelope. $510 (144) 144 product ratings - 1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar .9999 Fine In Assay Card. $2,006.19. Free shipping. 20,812 sold. Geiger Gold Bar Original - Tube 30 x 1 g .9999. Precious Metal Prices and Charts Find out about current and historical Heraeus precious metal prices This 100 gram Argor Heraeus Gold cast bar is manufactured by one of the top Precious Metals refiner in Mendrisio [Municipality in Switzerland]. This 100g cast bar is highly sought after by investors due to it's low premium. Bar Highlights: Contains 100 grams of 999.9 fine Gold. Brand new sealed with matching serial number

PAMP Refinery - Gold University - BullionStarGold bar Bullion sale Heraeus Hafner Pamp Fortuna Valcambi

5 gramms of Argor Heraeus gold bar, how do I check if it's

Gold bar Argor - Heraeus 1 gram LBMA Switzerland www.ebay.com/itm/22362220620 Gold bars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the most common size is the 1 oz Gold bar. Gold bars also come from a range of trusted mints in the Precious Metals industry. APMEX's inventory of Gold bars is sure to have the right bar of Gold for your portfolio. Gold Bars for Sale Gold bars come in many different shapes and sizes

Identifying Fake Gold Bar

Gold-Barren: Anlage- und Sammelobjekt mit Stil. Gold übt seit jeher eine große Faszination aus. Kein Wunder, dass viele Sammler Gold als Ihr Objekt der Begierde gewählt haben. Vor allem Goldbarren sind als Anlageobjekt beliebt. Der Wert von Gold bleibt, Kursschwankungen zum Trotz, über längere Zeiträume stabil nbsp; With a strong Swiss identity, Argor-Heraeus is one of the worldrsquo;s oldest refiners and assayers of Precious Metals. This 5 gram Gold bar features Argor-Heraeus' proprietary Kinegram technology, an attractive feature protecting against counterfeiting.nbsp; Contains 5 gram of .9999 fine Gold. Individual bars are presented in tamper-evident packaging Argor-Heraeus better known as Argor is one of the world's most prestigious bullion brands, and one of the most trusted refiners and fabricators of precious metals. Product Details: 100 Grams / 3.215 Troy Oz. 999.9 Fine Gold Bar. Gold Cast Bar. Certificate Included. No GST. Add This Bar to Your Cart Today! Tags Gold Bullion Bars and Rounds. Gold bullion bars and rounds are a timeless, sound investment and universally transferable. They also make for smart gifts for family members and friends, offering your loved ones an evergreen resource that potentially appreciates and can be liquidated readily Credit Suisse produces gold bullion bars of .9999 pure gold in various design and weight options, from 1 gram up to 10 oz. Credit Suisse Gold Bars are sold in brand new mint condition. The obverse side of the Gold Credit Suisse Bar contains the company's logo, the weight and purity marks, and the inscription Essayeur Fondeur

HOW TO SPOT A FAKE 1 OZ GOLD BAR, what to look for - YouTub

POFET Fake Gold. um Ihre Banknoten und schick. 1500 abgegeben. EXTRA SCHNELL: Blumfeldt Gold Bar die goldbeschichtete Infrarot-Röhre Mit der Fernbedienung an regnerischen Tagen robuste Konstruktion auch Schluss kuschelig warm gemütlich bis spät. - Heraeus - 1 Gramm Gold Prägefrisch - LBMA. einfache Installation, Gold-Infrarotröhre,. Riesenauswahl an Werkzeug und Baumaterial. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic The bar had the right physical dimensions to be an authentic gold bar, but one of the Heraeus employees suspected something. After the bar was cut in half, the TV audience could plainly see that the dark insides were tungsten, with only a coating of gold on the outside. While the story never aired on American TV, it is available on the Internet Gold Plated Tungsten BarRecently, the German television station ProSieben ran a news story covering W. C. Heraeus in Hanau, Germany, the world's largest privately owned refinery. In the story, Wilfried Hörner, the head of the gold foundry, shows a 500 gram bar (16.0755 troy ounces) received from an unidentified bank

Gold Investor 101: Fake Gold Bar Scare & Security Features

The false bar shown in the broadcast was a bar not produced by Heraeus; detecting a high-quality fake tungsten gold bar (and the ire of someone with enough money to forge a gold bar). Therefore, and combined also with strong and effective quality controls, Argor-Heraeus is able to assure the authenticity of gold bars produced by the company itself at all times. Internet: www.heraeus-edelmetallhandel.de Heraeus Metallhandelsgesellschaft mbH Heraeusstr. 12-14, 63450 Hanau, Germany So the video is about ten year old fake bars

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Identifying fake gold bars solved fake counterfeit perth mint gold bars in ay car don t get duped by fake minted bars tungsten filled gold bars found in new york business insider warning counterfeit 100 gr gold bars with argor heraeus warning counterfeit 100 gr gold bars with argor heraeus Counterfeit Gold Bar with Tungsten Core. Gold plated tungsten is extremely difficult to detect because its density (1204.41 lbs/cubic ft) is nearly identical to gold (1206.83 lbs/cubic ft), so its weight difference (-0.2%) is within common tolerance limits. Tungsten is also the cheapest metal a forger can buy to make fake gold 500g Argor Heraeus Gold Bar . HK $ 246,654.44 US $ 31,756.02 . 250g Argor Heraeus Gold Bar . HK $ 124,513.06 US $ 16,030.68 . 100g Argor Heraeus Cast Bar. Heraeus is one of the leading suppliers of precious metals worldwide. Our bars are among the most popular investment products when it comes to investments in physical precious metals. Because of their unique properties, however, precious metals are also used in a number of industrial applications and products

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